Thursday, May 27, 2010

Solving your Summer.

The Philster & I ran 3.5 miles this morning at 10am, and it was already far past 80 degrees out, making me feel as though the last 2 months of thrice-a-week jogs hadn't happened, and it was my first time ever standing on two legs, let alone RUNNING on them. Madness. Note to self: Get up earlier Give up for summer. Sit in shade. Eat frozen bon bons.
In any case, it's hot. it's humid. it's summer in our fair city. Which is why it's totally the perfect time to introduce a new cardigan color! hahahahahahahahahah.......NO SERIOUSLY. here's why:

If you work in an office, then starting this month, you sit at your desk in the frozen arctic of air conditioning that you cannot control and undoubtedly wish you could bring down a notch. The air is minus 30 degrees, and you shiver in your light summer business-casual-wear until lunch, at which point you nearly die walking into the heatwave, proceed to sweat for an hour eating outdoors, then come back in and your sweat freezes to your poor confused body and you shiver uncontrollably until 5pm, at which point, you have to look forward to getting into your car as the sweat melts, at which point, your body & driver's seat become one. And don't even get me started on sticking to the bus seats, commuters. That's just NASTY!
Solution? Red Prairie Press cardigan during work hours - keeps the body a reasonable temperature- thawing your armpit sweatsicles, maintaining your shivers, and keeping you from getting near rigamortis indoors, so that your trip outside isn't nearly as shocking.

$48 bucks, and you're comfy as a clam all summer long.
Comes in Light grey as well.
Just a helpful hand from your pals at Red Prairie Press.

you're welcome.


benwhitla said...

That is totally my life. You're making a men's one, right? Since you are stopping all other mean's clothes, I'm SURE you'll start making only men's sweaters. Right? RIGHT?

Red Prairie Press said...

funny enough, I tried to make phil wear the XL at the last craft fair because he was cold in the rain. it looked.... well.... like he was wearing a ladies sweater. but perhaps you could pull it off?