Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ladies Night.

Liz Mathews

12 Linden

Lolo Jane

Not to make this THIS kind of blog, and not to make ME this kind of girl... But I have to say, despite my lifelong efforts to avoid other women, I've been really appreciating my girlfriends recently. Friday night I had a really great time doing nothing but drink cocktails & eat snacks on my back porch with my lady friends while Phil was off doing EXTREME male bonding at a Red Sox game. And last week I had a great time at One World Cafe with some jeweler friends, which I get to do again tonight. As much as I appreciate all of my friends equally, I also realize now that I appreciate them in different ways. It's really nice to know that there are so many other women in the city plugging away at small businesses, and careers in the arts, and succeeding confidently with them. As my last coworkers were the stereotype of cattiness, I've been somewhat hesitant to work with other females since then. But that's a pretty big generalization to make, and it's fun to laugh about yourself and your gender sometimes, and nice to find collective encouragement to take yourself seriously too.
My friend Ashley is organizing a monthly lunch meetup of this sort, to talk about running a business, making art and working solo and try to maintain a level of non-hermit in all of us workin girls (but not that kind of workin' girl). Can't wait! Until then, I'm back to printing tshirts in the basement, and hefting heavy boxes up & down 2 flights of stairs. It's craft fair time this weekend in Northampton, Mass. TWIST FAIR starts Friday, and I'm taking a solo road trip up to see family and sell some tees to the masses.

girl power. and whatnot...

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