Thursday, February 18, 2010

Off Topic but..

So... are you watching the Olympics? Are you loving them??? My household sure is!
Is there anything more triumphant and heartwarming than watching Shaun White (my obvious twin separated at birth) ride a snowboard down a halfpipe?
answer: yes. Watching him celebrate afterwards. that's even better.
What joy to see someone so cleanly & simply proud of themselves and excited for their sport without looking like a conceited chump or even really like they're bragging about anything. Just pure happiness. I don't care if the media has biased my view in a positive way of this kid. He's SO likeable and everything about him makes me laugh.
Just watch him, you'll be addicted. And he's so far and beyond everyone, and still seems so surprised when he wins.
I'm also really into the board he's on. Not that I know anything about snowboarding, besides having a brother that works for Burton (who made this board, now that I look at it) and lives for the sport in Burlington, VT. But I personally just enjoy the design on the bottom.
And I love the olympics. I love them.

also - did I just call someone who just won Olympic Gold a "kid" ? How old am I?

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annie said...

i love him!! and you ARE twins!!! i have to say that again. you ARE TWINS!! i'm so inspired by him and the USA ladies' team, that steve and i are going to try and get up to whitetail this weekend to snowboard :)
i've NEVER snowboarded before. . . (florida girl here). weeeee!!!
miss you and LOTS OF LOVE