Friday, February 19, 2010

Go For Pro

Though it may not seem like it from my blogposts being all over the place, I've been working pretty hard all week! It's time to finalize our new styles & designs for this spring, and I'm a little behind, I'll be the first to admit. I've been frustrated over having to say goodbye to some of my favorite styles (namely that lovely lovely pocket dress that I would have otherwise printed on for-reh-ver), but I have to say I'm starting to feel positive again. The new stuff is pretty exciting, and we all know that change is good (especially in the one-woman-large-quantity-production business).
I'll give you NO hints this week on what's to come though, because I'm shoving off early to go see my dear friends, friends, friends, friends and friends at the above commemorated obscure friend reunion.
Going for Pro, pals. And have a great weekend!

(ps- don't forget there are sale items/seconds available now in the Red Prairie Press etsy shop!! shirts, dresses, scarves & onesies)

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