Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trash it.

We are in the midst of buying a house in Baltimore (Charles Village), during one of the busiest times of year! Craft fairs, two painting exhibitions, commission printing, Phil is 6 days away from the end of his job at Hopkins, working on a music video and moving all of his stuff into an office at Towson. Somehow the hours in which we're not working seem less worthy of photo documentation... and more worthy of pure enjoyment.
Last week (or was it the week before) however, we saw "UP" at the Landmark Theater, and when we came out and walked past the theater bar, I couldn't resist photographing the trash can sign. Is this really a common problem??
Mr Sammy is having no trouble finding time to relax, and has no problem reminding us how hot he is on a regular basis- whining and flopping dramatically at our feet, rolling on his back, four paws up in the air. When he finds a new cool surface to sleep on, he takes it over. He would NOT give up the plastic recycling bin this morning, and after I'd recovered it and turned it back over, he got pouty and ornary when I wouldn't let him get in with the trash. Luckily, he's easily distracted these days with his new favorite toy: plastic zipties. There are few things funnier than watching him try to get traction on the wood floor to go chase them. His legs wind up, running in place like a cartoon and then when he finally starts moving, he's so surprised that he forgets what he's doing, and occasionally whacks face first into the wall before tackling the ziptie.