Monday, June 22, 2009

I relate to teenagers. And how.

Hermione loves donkey's too!!????!!!!!!!

I promise this will not turn into a celebrity blog, but come ON. This HAS to be mentioned. How ironic is it that Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame was just photographed with these awesome donkeys, the same week that Phil and I did our photoshoot while farm-sitting? So what if Hermione was being photographed for Teen Vogue, and I was being photographed for my own paintings.
We are clearly on the same level here.
Emma Watson loves donkeys... I love donkeys. Emma Watson is in Harry Potter movies... and the date of the new Harry Potter movie is written in my day planner because I'm so excited for it.

Go ahead and make fun of that. I dare you.
you and I both know you love Harry Potter.
And if you haven't read the books, then you're a ninny, and shouldn't be wasting time reading this blog while they sit in the library FREE for your enjoyment.


Jennifer Bone said...

I'll only start to worry if you buy those shoes...

Red Prairie Press said...

so long as the pink bow is okay with you.

averagejen said...

it's on my calendar too. can't wait.

Christine Buckton Tillman said...

I hate to break it to you Rachel. I think those are miniature horses, not donkeys.

Red Prairie Press said...

snap. christine. i think you might be right.
but the good news is, since i can't even tell the difference, I suppose I'm a mini-horse lover too.