Thursday, June 25, 2009

Peanut Noodles and Limes

You know those desperate times where you look in the kitchen and see you have no food - nothing at all - and then you somehow come up with the most delicious thing EVER by using the ingredients that are cowering at the bottom of drawers? I think those might be my proudest moments.

Last night's such story starts with Alicia & Seth. They ditched Baltimore for Portland TWO YEARS AGO and left us with a box of random food from their kitchen. Most of it is long gone, but somehow a package of Soba noodles remained, and I have always been intimidated by them. (i know. lame.) I realize they aren't the normal noodle used for peanut noodles, but looking at them got me thinking that I wanted peanut noodles, and I took inventory and found I also had peanut butter, sesame oil, sesame seeds, carrots, lime juice, vinegar and some near-death scallions. Mixed all together, I cannot begin to tell you how tasty this was.

combined with some Superfresh Vegetarian Sushi, and a Gin & tonic, my infinite lime and peanut butter cravings were satisfied for at least 24 hours. My two favorite foods are excellent at collaborating.


vanessa said...

i think i lost my invitation in the mail. that sounds like my kind of meal!looks awesome... by the way 101cookbooks has a great recipe for a similar dish (

Red Prairie Press said...

YUM. hers looks as good or better!! Funny we were just talking about that site!

Red Prairie Press said...

and hey... she uses soba noodles too.... maybe they ARE what most people use?