Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye to Michael

Phil is annoyed at how much I'm pouting over it, but I can't seem to think about much else today.
We found out last night from the checkout lady at Superfresh. She said it felt like family had died, and told us about watching the Jackson 5 on a black & white T.V. with this funny filter thing you could buy to cover the screen and pretend it was a color TV.
I thought about how many times in the 90's Kim and I dressed up with one white glove in her living room in NH and attempted to moonwalk. How many times we made lipsynch videos to Billy Jean and Thriller. The first time I watched MTV was a Michael Jackson video (followed by Madonna).
So many mixtapes made better. Wedding receptions and school dances made more fun.
As many strange and unfortunate things that happened during his career, there sure were a lot of good times made better with his music, and today in the car, listening to the Jackson 5 sing "just call my name......" I will admit, I teared up a little bit.

In fact, I got so emotional, that I accidentally got out of the car with it still running (and the Jackson 5 still singing), and locked myself out.


nath said...

oh i don't know. it's weird, no? i loved Thriller and Off The Wall, i had Thriller on tape as a 9 or 10 year old and played it to disintegration.

all this grief tourism in the media is a real turnoff though.

Red Prairie Press said...

I have to agree nath. but i feel that way about most things overdone in the media.
In my opinion, he deserves some attention.