Monday, January 26, 2009

Plea to Obama for a Secretary of the Arts

Below is a petition written by Jaime Austria to our new president to create a new position for a "Secretary of the Arts" this year.
It appears that in other countries (especially european) there have had similar cabinet-level positions for centuries - often called "minister of art" or "minister of culture" Is it true we have no position similar? What a shame. Below is the petition, and a link for you to follow if you'd like to sign!

"To: President Barack Obama
Congratulations and thank you for all you do.

Your good friend Quincy Jones said: " conversation I have with President Obama is to beg for a Secretary of Arts."
[November 14th 2008 WNYC interview by John Schaefer on "Soundcheck."]

We the undersigned support Quincy Jones' plea.

Thank you.


The Undersigned"
(to sign this petition online, please visit the petition site HERE)

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