Monday, January 26, 2009

Baltimore Comic Artists In Brooklyn

(just found this via Ten Tigers. I missed announcing in time for the opening, but if you are in brooklyn, or happen to be before February 8th - maybe on a trip to the NY gift show this week, perhaps - it would be worth your while to visit this show).
I'm really admiring the prolificness of this group that just graduated from MICA. They are a team worth envying for their collective motivation and pheneominal talent, and worth embracing as locals, even if they're educational transplants. Baltimore should be sure to celebrate this collective upon their return... I'd love to see a show like this locally.

Cinders Gallery is proud to present Adolescent Rage, the first NY show by Baltimore-based collective Closed Caption Comics. We first encountered the artwork of this prolific group when some of them came into the gallery bearing an amazing colorful stack of self-published comic and art zines. These beautiful handmade silk-screened goodies featured wild stories, inventive layouts, and the type of manic fun energy we find wholly exciting and infectious. As a group, Closed Caption puts out a comic zine of the same name that features a section by each artist, allowing the reader to delve into the different worlds of each contributor. These worlds vary from forests to cities to outer space and are inhabited by as diverse a cast of characters such as mummies, toads, robots, aliens and ordinary folks riding bikes around town. From meticulous fine line renderings to scratchy chaotic explosions, the styles and stories couldn't be more varied and yet make perfect sense together in a haphazardly homey kind of way. This group show will feature drawings, paintings, prints, collages and zines by all 10 artists, allowing the viewer to be enveloped by their art on a larger scale.

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