Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hand Printed in Australia!

Australian Pippijoe hand screenprints all of her own fabrics, and then uses them in sewing her homewares collection sold on pippijoe.com and at shops in her native Australia.
I like seeing a Lotta Jansdotter (who also hand printed all of her own fabric once upon a time) influence here, even if it isn't direct - Pippijoe is definitely moving in her own direction. I love the patterns and what she's sewn/created with them. On her blog there are photos of lampshades. I'd love to find a tutorial to cover a lampshade myself (speaking of which, Pippijoe sells just her printed fabric as well, and notes next to a picture of a purse she's sewn- "feel free to make one of these yourself." and even offers to send you directions).

Just to throw it out there - anyone know of a good lampshade covering tutorial online?
We have some mighty fugly lamps in our house.


jess gonacha said...

these are such gorgeous fabrics!

jess gonacha said...
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Jennifer Bone said...


...or try your local library!


seesaw designs said...

these are lovely.