Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Perry Bible Fellowship

Nicholas Gurewitch is both a dear friend and superb artist. His comic strip, The Perry Bible Fellowship, started at Syracuse University a half decade ago, and has since been published in newspapers and online comic form all over the world. Recently, Nick teamed with Dark Horse Comics to publish a hardbound collection of PBF comics. The book, titled "The Trial Of Colonel Sweeto & Other Stories" is available for pre-order through Amazon and has positive comments from Jim Woodring (Frank), Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics) & Mark Millar, who writes "This is the reason paper was invented. Give him your money now." Frankly, we couldn't agree more.

Now, instead of having to skip to the comics pages, you can just skip picking up the newspaper altogether. Pick up the comics instead, and skip to your favorites! Who needs news, right....? Riiigghhhttttt.
Anyway, go HERE to give this demented genius your dollars, and HERE to view more of his comics, art & movies online!

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