Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Love, Monika, and a recycled doll hand.

Monika Krol is the Philadelphia based jeweler responsible for this very special necklace. She recently put up a website with a whole slideshow of her sculptural jewelry at www.monikakrol.com. Red Prairie Press was next door to Monika and her all-woman-jeweler-group AYM (www.aym-ladies.com, coming soon) at Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philadelphia this summer. I'm so glad we found her, because two months later, I opened a box of cereal and poured a bowl, and out popped a velvet box, with this baby inside. Down went dear sweet Phil on one knee, and before I could shout out that we'd just scored the ultimate cereal prize, he had proposed, I had accepted, and the cat had gone running out the door in excitement and slammed his head into the wall. (no joke).
Faq about this treasure:
-Yes, it's a real barbie hand.
-Yes, Monika customized this (pale skin, real diamond) per Phil's request.
-Yes, You should get one too....and...
-No, I don't think her original intent was for this to be an engagement ring...but I'm glad it is! (I had asked to not have a ring, as I work with my hands and fear breaking or losing something on my finger. Now, my recycled Barbie hand is wearing the ring FOR me, and I am worry free!)

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MelissaNoonan said...

Hi Rachel- I love your engagement ring! Hope to see you and the "ring" around Baltimore soon.