Friday, October 5, 2007

Job Opening: NaNa Projects, Baltimore

NaNa Projects is HIRING! The fine ladies behind the Great Halloween Lantern Parade, Parade School and other magical lantern puppet shows are looking to find Interns and a Business Manager. We couldn't think of a niftier place to work! Molly Ross, the brains behind NaNa, is a wonderful woman and we had the pleasure of being her neighbor for two years on Wilmslow Road in Roland Park. She and her trusty redheaded sidekick (Annie Howe) and a whole heap of volunteers and students are often seen stilt-walking down the street, playing with Molly's dog Ruby, and stitching enourmous puppet lanterny jugheads on the sidewalk outside their studio- the former home of the Baltimore Electric Light Company (how fitting).

Most times I've entered this studio, there was pie. There was always good conversation, and always hard work and happiness abounding. I can't stress enough.... YOU SHOULD WORK HERE! To apply, visit

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