Monday, October 8, 2007

day by lovely day

Remember how you've been wondering how to make your home hipper without spending much money on fine art, and how you asked us for a 75% discount on our paintings? Well, you still can't have one, but you CAN own our artwork for cheap. In celebration of Phil's birthday (today) and another year down, we are working on the first annual RED PRAIRIE PRESS 12-MONTH CALENDAR!!!!!
Due out at the end of the month, this enviro-friendly calendar is your answer to cheap art ownership, daily planning, all round hipster well-being and of course, it also makes a kick-butt holiday gift. Ironic how it worked out that it's coming out party is right before the holidays, huh?? It even gets cheaper when you buy multiple copies!!

Look for it at local stores where Red Prairie Press apparel is sold, as well as on our website, and at our table at craft shows!

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