Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Work by Alyssa Dennis

Just made it down to Gallery Imperato on Saturday to see Alyssa Dennis' new show, LifeLINES. Knocking me out of breath as usual, her newest drawing/painting/mixed media pieces are inspired by vintage photos, urban environments, and a delightful new surprise... potbellied middle aged men! Each painting is packed with mystery and the images within are layered in stacked timelines and seem as though they would make film stills if separated. Parts of legs are left unfinished, while others are rendered so meticulously you could mistake them for photography. Daring blocks and stripes of color pass over beautifully drafted linework. The lack of finish in form ends up looking like aging and wear. Such simple things are so genius to me.

I got so over-excited that I convinced Imperato's new director, Cheri Landry, to pull out all of the additional paintings they have of Alyssa's so that Phil and I could drool over those too. The above piece, "The Stack Moves," is on my wish list. Show runs September 28-November 3 2007, and Gallery Imperato's hours are Tues-Sat 11-9pm; Sun 11-5pm and Monday by appointment. Well worth the hike to Locust Point

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Jessica said...

her work is fantastic! thank you for introducing me. i would love for you to be apart of The Shiny squirrel if you were interested. please e-mail me when you have the chance.