Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mexico to Baltimore

A belated thank you to all who came out to Philly last week for Art Star Craft Bazaar. If you missed the show, you can find lots of Red Prairie Press duds now in stock at Art Star's shop on 2nd Street in Philly. After an exhausting weekend of fun in Philly, I drove home to Baltimore and got immediately on a plane and flew to Mexico with a friend... Because that's how I roll. Spent a blissful week in Tulum hiking, visiting Mayan ruins, biking, swimming, snorkling, craft exploring, and applying sunscreen to my entire body. Although I boasted of a "bomb ass tan" to Phil from the airport before he picked me up... It's possible the sunscreen actually dyed my body paler than it was when I started.
File that under the "redhead woes" hashtag, and move on.

I've never seen so much beautiful ocean at once, or so many fish so clearly, or so many dreamcatchers, period... The trip ended with a lovely wedding of two dear friends, which couldn't have been more special, and now I'm back home in my favorite city and reveling that our little garden has tripled in size while I was gone. Our tomato is growing little green fruits, and the flowers are on fire with color. Everywhere is beautiful this time of year, and it's so inspiring.

Also inspiring is that my favorite ice cream is back in stock at The Charmery in Hampden, and that Phil's school year is almost done, and that although their crafts are outlandishly gorgeous, the food devine, the people incredibly kind, and the beach & jungle plants superior... the Mexican dorito flavors (such as "diablo" and "limon") I brought home for my husband are not at all superior to American Dorito flavors, so we also have reason to stay here in Baltimore.

Just saying.

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