Friday, March 6, 2015

Ninth Birthday! 20% off Sale! Free Rant!

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Another year has passed, my friends. I'm sitting at a cluttered desk in a cold studio, my back hurting from printing (ok, from shoveling) (ok, from attempting PX90, and finding out I can't do a pushup).
There are piles of orders I don't have time to finish. My window is leaking in cold snowy air. I'm already behind on this years bookkeeping, I'm wearing really dumb slippers, and I'm so. so. tired.... and yet... I can't help feeling proud of this little business as it turns 9 tomorrow. For all the people we've gotten to meet, places we've gotten to visit, and drawings I've gotten to draw because of it. Every day is hard work, mentally and physically. I don't always know what I'm doing, or if I'm doing it right. I get frustrated and angry, and I worry daily about the clothing industry, and its great impact on this big beautiful earth and its inhabitants, including humans.
But in the small successes of finding sustainable materials, local collaborators, and the satisfaction of working with like-minded companies (many of whom pay their entry level employees more than I'll make this year), and convincing people one by one that origin and content still matter, more than ever... I know I still have a place, and I know I'm in it.

Going into our 10th year, I have big goals and big energy for them. I'm convinced there is still a way to keep production in the United States. I'm convinced that Organic Cotton (despite what most fabric sales people have pitched to me) still exists and grows, in this country, and can be sold in smaller quantities than the bazillion yard minimums I've found so far.
I think there are ways for small business to make a difference in the revival of this industry, and these ethics, and maybe it even starts with us rather than with big business. I look forward to more research, and more hard work ahead. And if all else fails... surely I can at least build up to a few pushups.

In the meantime, enjoy 20% OFF your orders this weekend, with discount code #: NINER.
Thank you for all of your support these last 9 lives years. Rock on!

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