Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A fun workshop with BPS!

It may be shocking, but when you screen print hundreds of tshirts every day, you start to forget the screen printing was ever something you were less competent at, and thus start thinking that you don't have any particular skills. This makes you question your relevance in the world, and then question your time management (because... WHAT have you been doing for 30 years while other people work full time AND finish full issues of the New Yorker AND seem to know all the Canadian territories, and Canadian indie rockers, and Canadian movie star wives...). Anyway.

Sometimes the best way to refresh your memory at your own job, is to regurgitate all of the knowledge you have to other people. Especially helpful when these people are enthusiastic to be there - and they make you feel like you have actual skills they don't have. They have 1,000 questions, and you have all the answers, and you will start work the next day with a new sense of pride in what you do, because you remember you used to be worse at your job, and now you are better, faster, smarter about it.
Really fun to be with a great group at Baltimore Print Studios last night for what was my fourth workshop there. It makes me so happy to see so much community interest in printmaking (not just t-shirt printing, but letterpress, poster screen printing, block printing, type setting...) and active use of this awesome print facility in Baltimore. Wanna take a class? There are always new ones being posted on the BPS website: HERE
(might I recommend the $40 Valentine making one? SO great!!!)

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