Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baltimore Love

Sometimes, after printing a few hundred of one shirt at a time, it might shock you to know - I get really sick of a design. Occasionally, though, I have something I like to call "free time" in which I play around in the studio with pre-existing screens, and make them exciting again by changing shirt style, ink color, positioning, or even taping off parts of the design itself to make new ideas. The other day after printing a full size run of our Baltimore Tee, I decided I could make a pretty adorable kids' version for some little friends of mine if I cut out the neighborhoods and went straight for the logo... Here are two of my favorite people in Baltimore, modeling the outcome.
Not for sale... just for warming of the heart.
Thanks to my wee friend Hazel & her little brother Amos (and of course, their lovely parents) for helping to make this city so special and my job so entertaining!

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Found Studio said...

LOVE it Rachel!!! Thank you so much for these special shirts and for YOU being YOU!!!