Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend ReCap

Sometimes my job seems harder than other times, and this weekend was the mother of all those times. Heat index in Baltimore hit (I'm told) 115 at one point on Friday, and we spent 12-14 hours a day for three of the hottest days of the summer... outdoors. In a 10x10 space, trying to stay hydrated and cool enough to speak full sentences and stand upright. There was exhaustion, there was heat, there was sun... and then of course, there were ridiculous thunderstorms causing flash floods through the back of our booth. The city of Baltimore, while simultaneously trying hard to help promote Artscape all weekend, also issued a health warning that literally urged people to stay indoors for the weekend and seek shelter - thus making it hard for anyone to want to COME to the festival... at which we all stood outdoors, slowly re-evaluating our lives.
Luckily, Baltimore is full of crazy people - and lots of them came out to shop anyway! So despite the extreme discomfort, we managed to have a successful and even fun weekend, and came home happy on Sunday night (or was that relief that it was all over? hmmmm...) We salute the organizers and volunteers of Artscape for all their hard work, and pains... and we bow down to the lunatics in our fair city that came out to support the arts & fried foods industries - both against all better judgement. Will we be back next year? Probably. Because I have very poor short term memory, and very high amounts of love for Baltimore.
Either way, Phil may have finally been pushed to the point of quitting his lifelong unpaid internship at Red Prairie Press, and I may have finally found a way to eat entire bags of potato chips standing still, and manage to lose weight. (Though, I do not recommend it)... Maybe next year we could have this festival in October?

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