Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Artscape This Weekend!

Getting ready for Artscape this weekend means a lot of things: Printing, packing, folding, building, painting some display stuff, pre-hydrating (this is real, right?), and trying my best not to look at the weather, because the number 100 just seems awfully hard to put at the end of this sentence "I will be standing outside 12 hours a day for three days and the temperature will be ___" But guess what!? I'm excited anyway because Artscape is the countries biggest free arts festival, and it's right in Baltimore... which means I get to sleep in my own air conditioned bedroom at night, and see all my favorite neighbors and fellow charm city enthusiasts. There are fantastic gallery shows opening this week, great vendors gearing up to sell, and some talented folks coming in from outside the city as well.
I was extremely stoked to see that our longtime craft fair buddies Brainstorm Printshop will be our tent neighbors this weekend with their awesome posters & art prints. We love Jason & Briana and are glad to have a tiny screen printer colony/sweatlodge with them this weekend. Check us out at booth #63 right near UB on Mt. Royal near Charles St. Setup is tomorrow and the festival opens on Friday morning at 11! I can't stress enough how much you should bring a backpack full of ice water for yourself. And wear sunscreen.
And bring me ice cream.
what? who said that?

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