Thursday, May 23, 2013

Toms Shoes Summer inspiration

Toms Shoes summer collection 2013
I'm not a shoe person. I pretty go barefoot unless I'm forced into flip flops all summer, and the same pair of boots all winter. Aside from that, I have one pair of sneakers, and another pair of running shoes. that's 4 pairs of shoes, which makes me feel really extravagant, really. I know most people must have more than this, but plenty have less. Everyone knows about the fantastic company Toms Shoes (if you don't here's the gist: Toms makes shoes, you buy ANY pair for yourself, and the cost pays for an additional pair, which Tom's sends to kids in financially struggling countries who didn't have ANY pairs of shoes. Everyone has shoes, everyone feels good. We all win. I wish I'd thought of this company myself.) but have you seen their new summer line? These crocheted lace versions of the classic Tom's shape make me think of those weird rubber "jellies" we all use to wear, except that these look like they'd give you less blisters.
You can buy me a pair and read more about Tom's awesomeness HERE.

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