Sunday, August 5, 2012

Westward Ho

I always love visiting the west coast, and I suspect if both our families weren't on this side of the country, and the rain weren't so wet & cold all the time, we'd be out there somewhere living in a douglas fir treehouse right this second. Instead, we have a our super snazzy home base here in Bmore, and get to be full on tourists in Portland and Seattle when we go. Just got back from a whirlwind trip to those cities and a family reunion in suburban Washington with Phil's family and realized we took almost zero photos. Here are a couple from Portland that my pal Alicia took to hint at what we were up to (mainly, relaxing and aimlessly wandering into thrift shops). We also got to hike, float around on rafts in Lake Joy, play with a rowdy crowd of little girls, and eat 1,000 lb of junkfood. Oh, and of course, watch the Olympics. Glad to be back, though our house is steaming with heat. Just stocked up on veggies, peaches & black eyed pes at the market and chugged a bike-powered smoothie (which I made Phil bike-blend for me, because I was too hot) and I'm about to launch an attack on the hairball invasion that took over our first floor while the cat had his own bachelor pad this week. And if I have time... practice my gymnastics floor routine and find a place to learn the butterfly now that everyone's favorite Baltimorean has retired from swimming.

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