Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Green Stairs

Mason Jar Planters by AmberLAnderson
Porcelain Hanging planters by farrahsit
Terracotta Wall Planters by Gallery1822
Instead of doing last minute planning for Artscape setup tomorrow which inevitably will happen later today after another frozen copper mug (thanks for these, Jeudi) of ice coffee... I'm dreaming of ways to make our stairwell into a living wall with planters hanging following the slant of the stairs. Loved all these that I found on Etsy. Just think of all the herbs we could grow and taunt the cat with, just out of reach. We're still sweating down here in Baltimore, and I heard a rumor that indoor plants make the air quality much better. Thus, it's in my best interest to procrastinate with such things instead of doing my work. This is my weak weak point.

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