Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome Summer.

Our friend Phil Kerrigan captured the essence of our entire weekend right here. A student film festival friday, a beautiful farm wedding Saturday, friends perched in the grass and on wooden fences in the sunshine. Paper pom poms in the breeze. Happiness abounding. Corn bread, Kale, ponies, tree forts and fancy lemonade. A crowd of grownups, weeping together over these things in a healthy team spirit sort of way. I ditched my uncomfortable dressup shoes in favor of barefoot in the grass before the bride even made it down the aisle. Phil's buttonup shirt lasted maybe an hour. You can dress us up, but you really can't force us to be fancy. I spent yesterday recovering from a day in the sun and working on a special craft project (A Chuppah, to be exact) for another of the summers handful of weddings. I'm very thrilled with our summer lineup, which basically goes: Craft fair, wedding, craft fair, wedding the whole warm season long and involves camping, cooking, dancing and road trips - all of which sound devine. Hoping your weekend was warm and sunny as well. If you're at the stationary show this weekend, good luck! I sincerely wish I was going to make up up this year, but things are bustling in the studio and we have too much to get done. Can't wait to see what's new this year.

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