Thursday, May 17, 2012

Something Wicked (awesome) this way comes.

I reorganized all my painting files on the computer to get ready for this sale, and discovered that since moving to Baltimore, I've made over 100 paintings. Is that a lot or a little, when I've been in a place pretending to be a professional artist for almost 8 years? Actually, don't answer. I'm busy being confused how we've already devoured EIGHT YEARS of this place. Wasn't I just panicking sweaty, confused and jobless in a tiny apartment complex in southwest baltimore about how I'd made a terrible decision to follow phil here while he went to grad school? Wasn't that the same year I got married at city hall? started a business? Got a community garden plot? Watched the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Found this group of friends holding me in place? Have 8 years really passed since we left NH? What have we been doing between these life events? (Eating soup, growing tomatoes, playing board games, jogging in place, etc).

Let's not dwell on time, because then I'll remember I turned 30 a few weeks ago, and I'll start writing a super emotional blog rant about that too, and I decided back in my roaring twenties that I wouldn't do that to you. My blog enthusiasm is redundant enough as it is! Instead, I'm just going to super-blast you with updates on the fact that about 40 of my 108 Baltimore-made paintings are going to be offered as really nice and affordable art prints starting May 28th. I'll have some for sale afterwards on my own site, but for three days, they'll be (as they say in New Hampshire) Wicked frickin cheap.

Details to come!

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