Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine Gift Ideas

Not to go all Downton Abby on you, but your girl is "a lady, afterall, not Toad of Toad Hall." She wants to look her best. Therefor, shopping Red Prairie Press this Valentine's day MAY be your only option. Thank goodness we're here for you!
Really, it's no problem! We're glad to help. You're welcome!
How about our magenta Vine Flowers Cardigan to cure her of the chills at work?
Or the cupid's arrows triblend pullover for lounging in your arms, watching that romance movie marathon you agreed to?
The ON SALE pink feather sundress, perhaps? For dreaming of warmer days, and beachfront cottages.
Or, if she's just not into the pink, and you just really. really. REALLY. don't want to guess her size on Valentine's day, how about a scarf like the Creme Queen Anne's Lace scarf? It's sure to make her smile.

If all else fails, homemade cards with glitter and paper doilies are the way to go.
We're rooting for you!


brown.jack76 said...

Please compare your designs of dresses with some valentine crystal bags .

Phil Davis said...

I know what Bates is getting Anna for V-day...quite right.

Personalized Photo Coasters said...

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