Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spring 2012 Photoshoot Day!

We had SO much fun yesterday at the Red Prairie Press photoshoot. I'm now diving into fast paced photo editing to get the catalog to the printer to be done by next week! (guess who works best under pressure? This guy.)
Without giving away all the new designs, I thought I'd show you a couple fun shots from the day, which went swimmingly well thanks to the talents of intern, camera expert & model Susie and my equally awesome & talented friend-turned-model Kim. Also thanks to my friends Sarah & Bruce for the use of their house for the shoot, since ours doesn't seem to have natural light coming in anywhere with a blank wall.
I'm writing this blogpost as a reminder to myself, and to you, to be sure and THANK your patient, generous, talented, (and luckily: super attractive) friends for always helping when you really couldn't do things on your own.
I'm also writing this post to gush with pride that our new skirts - available in about 2 months - are designed, sewn, hand screenprinted, modeled, and photographed RIGHT HERE in Baltimore - all by Baltimoreans. This is what I wanted when I started this business, and I can't believe I'm finally getting there.

Onward! to photoshop.

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