Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here is 2012

We're back from our Christmas trip to NH and feeling revived and excited for the new year. Just reserved plane tickets and a hotel tell room for my trip to POOL tradeshow in Las Vegas this February (which, I can joyously report a friend is accompanying me on for research. I've never been more thrilled). A new run of Red Prairie Press sewn-in-Baltimore pieces will be ready by the show, and I am so proud to debut it (along with our other new styles and prints).
I've spent this week searching for a studio in Baltimore, as we've finally reached the point of clothing explosion in the basement studio. It's been a fantastic journey so far. I've met a lot of wonderful people in the city, all of whom are trying to get artists into working spaces and "make stuff happen" in Baltimore, and all of whom are confidently charging lots of money... (so the search continues). but I'm happy that Baltimore is a thriving city in which realtors of small rooms still demand and expect - in exchange for the privilege of being in a blue light district with no heat or water (but four walls potentially) - the amount I pay in mortgage for an entire house in Charles Village.
However. spaces in abundance there are, and I haven't seen the half of them yet. I journey on completely entertained into the new year, In which I will turn 30, travel to Austin, TX, debut my first ever clothing designs, move to a new space, learn how to plug my iphone into my computer, and who knows what else! My own blossoming expectations being just as high as the rest of Charm City, I hope for both working water and heat in the location where I'll be printing. And I swear, we'll find a space with both, and a window or two to boot. I just know it.

Happy Birthday, Calendar.
Happy New Year, You.

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