Monday, November 7, 2011


The plane just landed, and I've eaten my free pretzels. It's back to reality. We went to NH for an early family thanksgiving this weekend and had a wonderful time despite the cold weather and slow-to-melt snow (not pictured). We cooked, we ate, we played games, we took walks to the river, and all was good. Just like it always is...NH is just like it was when we grew up there.
I've got a busy couple months ahead - starting right this second. We have craft fairs booked every weekend straight through Christmas, and lots of tees and scarves to print between now and then.
We start with Handmade Arcade this weekend in Pittsburgh, which I look forward to, despite my fear of any Steelers fans finding out we're from Charm City. I've recently become aware of football, and I'm slowly learning the rules. If last night's game between Bmore and Pitt was any indication of normality, I'm going to admit it's an exciting sport. Along with my new knowledge of football (or as the Brittish call it, "that game Americans call football, but are mistaken") I will also be bringing my very first iphone to Pittsburgh. I have owned it a week, and understand it about as well as I understand football... which is to say, "It seems exciting, if I could just figure out what's going on and what all these strange signals are." But my friends in the know (on either topic) assure me that great things will come of my learning to grasp both. Apparently, "Ray Lewis" "App Store" and "Square" are all household knowledge here in 2011.
I'm not one to adapt easily to new things... but we're nearing the end to another year here, and the start of another. The world is changing, technology is all around us and we might as well keep up... otherwise, the refs are sure to throw their arms up in what looks (to me) like unanimous robotic despair, and everyone around them will cheer, and we won't know what the #*&( is going on.


Phil Davis said...

i think this is my favorite blogpost of all time.

Jennifer said...

I have no idea what you are talking about. One day you must teach me the ancient language of football and iphones...maybe when i'm 80.

Amber said...

when are you going to publish a book of your blog posts?!?