Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baltimore Twinkles

photo of the Red Prairie Press booth at Bazaart on Saturday

Photo by Kim Bentley

It's officially winter. They lit up 34th street in Hampden. I know it happens the same weekend every year... but this year it seems absurd. It was so warm and lovely today that we took a walk this morning at 9:30am in nothing but longsleeve shirts, and didn't return until 4pm because we kept wanting to be outside more. It hardly seems like winter!
Despite the warm weather, I'm stuffed full of pie & mashed potatoes as promised. I successfully made a vegan seitan roast on Thursday that no one spit out, and I'm having a free shipping sale (enter THANKSGIVING2011 at checkout on or - which is extended through Monday because of the response I got this weekend.

I had an absolutely fantastic show at the visionary art museum this weekend for Bazaart holiday market. I sold out of a few styles and am working hard to reprint and reorder everything in time for the upcoming Holiday Heap and Merry Mart (December 3 and 4 - both in Baltimore). So nice to have our most successful shows be right at home in our fair city. Fun to have so much space at an indoor fair, and get to put up my own little version of the 34th street lights.

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