Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dig Deep

On Tuesday, Phil and I celebrated our 3rd year of marriage together... and this weekend, we rang it in with a whole lotta friends with an annual tradition called the Big Dig in Eatonia, PA. I'm nervous about going into too much detail about this event, as I know some of those friends read this blog, and I feel that I wouldn't do the true explanation of the event any justice, so I'll just say that we dig a big hole together in a beautiful place, and enjoy each other's company while camping, swimming, singing and getting good and dusty and sweaty. Sometimes, there doesn't need to be a reason... or maybe those are all perfect reasons.
The top photo is a bandana I designed & printed for my friend Jon, who celebrated his 30th birthday at the dig. I can only hope my 30th year involves that many friends in one place, shovelfuls of dirt, and leaps into a swimming pool!
In any case, we are, as always, feeling quite blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives, supporting and challenging us to travel and find adventure and throwing us continuous reminders to dig deeper... if you will.

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