Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In a box

Necklace from Yummy and Company

Today my morning started with a phonecall. I've simplified it for your entertainment:

Me: Hi there, I'm looking for a package that was supposedly delivered on 7/18. It says delivered on the website, but the doortag I signed is still stuck to my door, and there's no package.
FedEx: Yes. I see that it was delivered on 7/18. R. P. Press signed for it.
Me: Oh... that's my business, Red Prairie Press.
FedEx: Oh - Okay. So, one of the people at your business signed for it.
Me: I'm the only one at my business though.
FedEx: Oh! Okay, then YOU signed for it.
Me: No I didn't.
FedEx: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ok, I'll call the driver. This will take 24-48 hours.
Me: That's a REALLY long Phonecall.

So. It appears our restocking of tshirts sold out at Artscape will be delayed a while, but in the meantime, I'll pump my fists for how great Baltimore is (minus the safe delivery of tshirts to my home) and how much fun we had at Artscape this past weekend. My pal Vanessa came down to help out since Phil has hurt his hand, and my glorious intern Natalie came Sunday and gave us both a little break too. I met so many cool folks, and saw lots of wonderful artwork. Loved the Sondheim Semi-Finalist show (especially Missy Webb & Kelley Bell's pieces - the best I've seen from either of them!) Clapped with giddiness for the Art Car Parade and Nana Projects team on stilts. I traded with Yummy & Co for a beautiful necklace similar to the one above, and somehow lost it off my neck by the time I got home (devastating, but now that I've tasted the glory of having one of these around my neck, I will be obtaining another in one way or another).
We sold out of a lot, so please be patient with us as we re-stock the shop... Baltimore, you blew us away, as usual. I can see why The Sun is spouting out 100 reasons they love you today.

See everyone soon!

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