Monday, June 27, 2011


sneaky photo taken by Ashley North Compton, the official CCCM photographer :)

Thanks to everyone for coming out to Pile of Craft this weekend - truly spectacular turnout on Saturday!
I had a blast meeting tons of new Baltimore pals, tickling the toes of craft mafia babies, eating grilled cheese from GrrChee grilled cheese truck (who jumped in at the last minute & saved the hungry bellies of hundreds of shoppers, when our original food truck broke down mid-week).
As Charm City Craft Mafia barrels toward our TENTH craft fair together, I can't help getting a bit sentimental, and saying I freaking love these guys. And by these guys I mean my fellow mafiosos, all the folks who help out with the show in small & large ways, and all of our crafters & shoppers who so loyally come to each and every event and support handmade and locally made shopping.
The church was crowded all day, people were super friendly, and everyone was smiling and being nice to one another.
We had a really successful day, and I spent Sunday recovering by eating doughnuts, drinking sweet tea, and playing badminton with my friends.

Baltimore, you make me happy.
Have a great week, everyone!

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Angry Asian said...

i love the dress i bought from you at the craft fair. it's the 2nd piece of clothing i've ever bought from you guys and it's wonderful.