Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Painted Ladies

One of my favorite things about living in Baltimore city is the trend of the "Painted Ladies" - rowhouses painted different (sometimes clashing) bright bold colors, all in a big rainbow row. It's a small thing that makes living in a city with a rather gloomy reputation seem much more positive, and it's something that totally sold us on our house two years ago, before we ever stepped foot inside.
While Phil is out of town this week, I've been getting lots of little projects done to entertain myself. My biggest feat is the painting our front porch, which I new had gotten dirty & scraped up, but hadn't really noticed just how bad until I started painting it - look at the difference in color (same yellow paint, just a few years of wear)! The whole porch looks amazingly brighter now that I've done the whole floor, and I'm inspired to paint the rest of the detailing on our railing, but I'm going to need another trip to Sherwin Williams, because our lady is a whole rainbow of colors, and I only bought the yellow!
Because I've been outside on the street for a few hours a day, I've gotten a lot of socializing done with my outstandingly cool neighbors, as they sit out on their porches watching my progress and routing me on. And my friend Dave stopped by last night while I was painting and offered some hot pink left over from his own porch a block away... wouldn't Phil be surprised!


Phil Davis said...

Greetings from Greece! I like hot pink. Keep up the good work with all the house projects buddy.

redprairiepress said...

I wish you were here - I just watched a grown man get on all fours and CRAWL UNDER our enormous "WET PAINT" sign & taped off stairway, to heroically deliver an India Tandoor flyer to our doorstep... and consequently paint his pants yellow... I was laughing too hard to be mad.