Monday, May 16, 2011

To Do.

You know how there's the daily to-do list AND then that weird uncomfortable other to-do list in the back of your head that makes your body hurt and heart ache when you remember the things on it that you keep putting off? (Some tame ones on mine, for instance: learn how to use quickbooks, figure out what I want to do with my business, unpack the last of the boxes we still haven't unpacked since purchasing our house in 2009, learn to play guitar, Find a studio, sign up for spanish classes, learn to make my own website, attempt to stop eating like a frat boy...) well, this painting was on THAT to do list. A wedding gift for a close friend who was married two years ago, It's been eating at my sub-conscious for two years... growing increasingly more intimidating to finish, and more easy to put off. But I finished it last week, sent it to Boston, and thus, made an enormous red check mark in the brain-storage to-do list - which is less gratifying than having something to mark on paper, but let's face it. If any of us wrote down ALL of the things on that list, we'd be too embarrassed to show the lists to each other, and would have to burn them anyway.
In any case, I'm happy to have finished something on mine, and I hope to get to more sometime before next Saturday, when (according to the billboards on the way to Philadelphia this weekend) the world is going to end before I'll be able to really use my newfound Spanish, Guitar, Quickbooks and Webmaster skills or live to old age from healthy food choices maybe I shouldn't be stressing too hard over any lists. At least my friends will have a solid week to enjoy their new painting (Or in the case they don't like it... they'll only have to look at it for a week?) Meanwhile, I'm going to go on enjoying the world however long it lasts either way - and I hope you do too.