Thursday, May 19, 2011

Handmade Mart - Sunday

Although we work from a home studio, we're not actually always home. In fact, we are AWAY from the studio for most of the summer... and this 10x10 foot space is our "summer house" if you will.
If we sold it, we'd list it like this:

FOR SALE! Charming Summer "Cabana" - Easy to clean and maintain. 1BR 0Bath. Detachable walls. Potential to be a lakehouse, beachfront property, or woodsy getaway! Compact, Mobile, breezy and colorful. Comes fully furnished with a new wardrobe. Four oversized windows provide views of whatever vista you desire. May need sandbags as foundation.

won't you come visit?

This weekend we'll be at Handmade Mart in Silver Spring, MD along with some of our best Baltimore, DC, & PA Crafting Buddies, and (according to a whole lot of sunshine.

Handmade Mart
Sunday, May 22, 10 to 5
Ellsworth Drive
Downtown Silver Spring, MD

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Phil Davis said...

HA! Best post ever. I love it! It's our summer getaway.