Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buy Me This - Fabric

Flying Geese Napkins by Sara Lee Parker

Cloudbird Fabric by Skinny Laminx

If there was one thing I wish I was doing that I'm not... it's designing hand printed fabric. But until I get more hours in my day, I'll be pretty content drooling over the beautiful things I see in passing at craft fairs (Like the magical work of my new craft fair pal Sara Lee Parker - who was my neighbor at Art Star, and formerly employed by one of my favorite print shops in the universe - The Bird Machine), and on Etsy (Like the crisp and spot on colors & patterns from Skinny Laminx).
Sites like make digitally printing your own fabric yardage very accessible, but I do really love the look of great screenprinting... and there's a feeling of accomplishment that comes with printing your own designs by hand. Can't decide which I'd do!
Until I figure out my own yardage printing setup, you can buy me anything in either of these shops. (Actually... nevermind... you can do that even AFTER I start my own setup. These are my heros.)

Off to a wedding in New Hampshire tomorrow, and staying there for a week to enjoy family, friends and non-skin-scorching temperatures for a bit. (in Baltimore, it's so hot I'm sweating straight through my tank top at 8am). Ew!

Have a good weekend, team.

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