Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Bridesmaidal Henna - Check.Bridal Henna - Check

Hello from sunny beautiful NH where this weekend, I was a bridesmaid in a very special gal's wedding. Kimmy has been my close friend for 24 years, and is, quite frankly, the original BFF. Most of my childhood memories include her. We had our first boyfriends together (Best friends, as it would turn out. which maybe is why we chose them?) we conquered new schools and fashion statements together, learned to drive together. I call her Grammy by that name without hesitation and still have a key to her family's house on my keychain. She is my only remaining close friend who knew all of my grandparents before they passed away and she was beside me when I got married. I'm so happy to see her glowing with glee as she does the same.
On Saturday we were tattooed with henna for the occasion (The bride and groom come from very different backgrounds and managed to gracefully incorporate traditions from from both sides in the coolest way) with the rest of the women in both sides of the family. I've never had this done before and am completely in love with the experience. My tattoo is still really dark 3 days later. I hope it stays all month! Phil was up at 5 this morning and is out fishing with his dad, while i putz around my parents yard, water the plants and lay in the sunshine enjoying life.

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