Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Inspiration

Galoshes photo from Trohv

Painting by Lena Corwin - via Pikaland

Awesome Faux CrossStitch Fox Tee by NewDuds

Well it's finally sunny in Baltimore after what seems like a week of rain. All this rain must be making my mind go to rainy day colors, because here are some photos from my inspiration folder on the desktop... all the grays and greens of our soaking wet city. Never fear though. Here comes the sun.
It's a new month, and yesterday I dragged all my houseplants outside and repotted those too big for their pots. (most of them). I love April. It's a month full of new beginnings. Daffodils, Tulips and Forsythia - all my favorite flowers - are coming out. Seeing life recovering from winter always makes me feel slightly guilty about all the energy we've consumed all winter: keeping the house warm and light when it's dark and cold outside and we should all be hibernating. I'm happy to be opening the windows today to let some fresh air in. Keeping the lights off a little longer in the evening, while we still get sunlight from outside.
We're hardly model environmentalists in this house, and rarely make large sacrifices for the sake of the earth. But we recycle, buy organic, aren't very materialistic, and try to stay eco-conscious. (As a business, we're also trying to introduce more organic cotton into our business, which is very exciting to me).
I'm so glad it's almost time for all our produce to come from right here in MD again. (Baltimore Farmer's Markets - at least some - have stricter locally grown rules as we get into the summer growing season). I can't wait. I watched Food,Inc last night and went to sleep slightly terrified. I'm looking forward to growing my own food as much as possible this summer and worrying less. But before that, I think I'll just enjoy the daffodils for a moment.
Happy Spring!

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