Friday, February 18, 2011

I Want Proof

Sustainable Wood Sunglasses by I Want Proof

Because I was by myself except for the first day, I had approximately 30 minutes total at POOL to zip around the convention center and see who else was there - without making anyone nervous by going in their booth uninvited (WOW are tradeshows different than craft fairs in this way. Friendly, but much less camaraderie, and I got the feeling I shouldn't even make eye contact with exhibitors making products similar to my own)... but I couldn't take my eyes off (no pun intended) these amazing sustainable wood sunglasses by the brand I Want Proof. I'm not usually a big shopper, but the show was so inspiring and some booth setups were just out of this world cool. These folks finished off their sunglasses display with a big pile of sawdust on the floor, which I thought was clever. Check them out at

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