Friday, February 25, 2011

Belle Jar

from Paint What I Tell You

I like pretending that something like this would work at our house, but alas - even our adorable tin flour, sugar, and coffee containers have a secret back-stock of crumpled 1/4 full bags in the pantry. I can barely remember to go food shopping, let alone remember to buy amounts of food that fit specifically into awesome looking containers. Plus, we - like the blog I stole this photo from (Paint What I Tell You) also eat foods that might expose us for the junkfood hoarders that we really are, if we put it all out in the open.
PLUS our black (not orange) cat might be standing right here too, but he'd be thinking about how he was gonna crash all the jars to the ground to get to the Zatar seasoning...

But man this looks cool, right?

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