Monday, January 17, 2011

Taxing the Taxes

It's Martin Luther King Day, and I work for myself.
This means that I can absolutely take the day off, and no one will care... but I will work double time tomorrow to make up the work I didn't do today... so it's not totally worth it (though the MLK parade in Baltimore is not to be missed).
I'm in the middle of doing my taxes, in the middle of prepping for a wholesale tradeshow by which I'm quite intimidated... so here I am at work. Doing my taxes. Reminding myself that while bookkeeping is not my strongpoint, I have a fine accountant who makes things clean and clear and tells me what I owe and when, all in a nice neat blue folder each year. But sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't put more thought into my bookkeeping. (Okay, I'm positive I should.)

A friend just sent me this post about "whiteboard accounting" which is a way for small business or freelancing visual learners such as myself to map out their finances and stress less (in theory). A nice dumbed down way to think about your freelance income, and a checklist sort of a thing. And you get to use a whiteboard, and erase things off the board as they happen - which excites me almost as much as crossing things off a hand-written to do list... like, "DO YOUR FREAKING TAXES" for instance...)

So Happy Martin Luther King Day to you. I hope you do something fun if you have the day off.
Remember to be nice to each other, and be thankful for everything you've got.

Do I mind working today when most of my friends are off?
Heck no! On the contrary, I think it's a fantastic day to appreciate working for yourself and being independent.
I'm in my comfy clothes, drinking my second cup of coffee, and singing to myself while I type numbers into a calculator and there is a snuggly cat purring on my lap. I'm stressed out, but hopeful about the year. It may not be perfect, but it's mine. I get to run my own business, and decide how much I need to make. If I'm productive enough this month, maybe I'll claim my own holiday. Maybe it'll be a whole week long.

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Laura said...

I like what you've got to say about this whole working for yourself thing. Even though it may mean you're working on a holiday that most people get off, you're doing something you love and have a lot more freedom than others because you're working for yourself - all good things. Happy MLK Day and good luck with the taxes!