Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Orders Done!

Christmas countdown has officially begun, and our cutoff deadline was YESTERDAY for orders being guaranteed to ship before the holiday (though we're still shipping all week so order away!)
We're winding down for the year, and while we take a mini vacation from apparel, we are shrinking our inventory to only printed scarves until January 1, so that we can ship from the road. Our etsy shop has only scarves in it. Our main site, still has everything up for sale, so you can order it all from there, but please note, nothing but scarves will ship until January 1!

I'm headed to NH to snuggle my family and play in the snow.
Thanks for a great season!!!
Will write to you from up north.

Be safe and warm!


k.krapp said...

look at you showing up in my etsy email! way to go craft super star. happy holidays!

Nichim said...

Hurrah for you! This year we're going to Idaho for Christmas, but maybe next year we can celebrate with you? Let us know if you come up later in the winter just for snowy funtimes. Happy Solstice!!