Monday, November 8, 2010

sneaking up from behind the times.

This is not the laptop I purchased

Hi there. How are you?
It's me, Rachel. Did you not recognize me, because I look all 21st century all of a sudden!????
That's because this weekend I purchased my very first laptop! So now I can write to you from anywhere I want- not just my office!!!
Not that I'm NOT in my office. I admittedly am in my office... and now that you mention it... I haven't actually OPENED my laptop yet. Because I fear change, and technology, and small things I might break by sitting on/spilling coffee near.

So maybe you did recognize me afterall, huh?
But I will open it, dear readers. Oh yes. I will. (as soon as Phil shows me how).

Wazzup modern times? Cuppa tea?


fat bart said...

you make me laugh!

Kohli said...

There is one of these sitting at my parents house. I remember that every time we flew my Dad had to take it out of the bag and turn it on. Such a pain. At least we don't have to that at security any more!