Monday, November 1, 2010

November 30% Off Sale!

And just like that... It's November?
Time for a sale! Want to uncover the discount code written on this postcard? Be sure to sign up for the red prairie press eblast: BY CLICKING HERE or simply make an online purchase from our shop anytime this month, and you'll get the discount code for future purchases through November 30th! Our eblast goes out about 8 times a year and usually offers discount coupons, online codes or sales. You don't want to miss it!

Hope you had a nice weekend. Since moving to our street, Halloween is my favorite night of the year. I love giving out candy, (even to the kids who don't dress up). I love sitting on the porch with neighbors - laughing and rating the awesomeness level of the kids that DO dress up...and the parents who sorta half-dress up. The amount of candy they all have + the amount I have eaten (resulting in having to purchase more before halloween, and never wanting to see candy again). I really love when lots of people are outside in our neighborhood - it only happens on rare occasions (Halloween, or snow storms, really) but it seems nice & old timey to see people walking around waving to each other. The street was so crowded that we ran out of candy by 6:30 last night. I wonder if we're gaining a reputation for being one of those houses that gives out the good candy. Few things would make us prouder...

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