Thursday, October 28, 2010

Phil's Key Hangers

If there's one thing we are NOT at Red Prairie Press - it's: "particularly organized" so any time we come up with a brilliant plan to become more-so, we jump on it. I made a bunch of these little paintings for my show in Philly, and had the idea later that they might make nice key-hangers, so I made one more a couple weeks ago for Phil's birthday and screwed some little hooks into the bottom. We just finished painting the living room wall and hung it up.

Perhaps we should squeeze one more product in for the holidays?
Speaking of which... family + friends, please act surprised when you get one of your very own for the next present-worthy occasion. I'll likely milk this idea for a while...

1 comment:

Amber DavisHanna said...

I would be more than pleased to see this at x-mas!!