Thursday, October 21, 2010


The other day someone told me that working alone in the basement so much is going to make me crazy. He was joking, and I laughed, but I do sometimes think about that & wonder... Especially when, until Phil gets home at night, the only people I talk to tend to be working at Bank of America, USPS, or the coffee shop (where, at least they are real people) and often the conversations aren't very fulfilling... So, I've learned to entertain myself. This morning while packing orders I found myself making up songs like:
"BLACK scarf goes to Miiiiiiiinnesota, BLACK scarf goes to Miiiiiiiinnesota. CARDIGAN goes to Alllllllbequerque, gotta print the PURPLE shirt now!"

The good news about being batty is: at least I'm still productive. I have a new white floor & sparkling clean studio! I've painted and put up new shelves, and I'm finally getting the "new" apparel up online, including this heather gray tee with turquoise print-(new LAST month, not this month, but if you haven't seen it, then it's new to you). New baby onesies are coming in different colors & designs, and prints of my alphabet paintings arrived this week in the studio, and I just need to photograph & get them up on the site. Can't wait to show you!

Do you work alone all day? What do you do to entertain yourself?


pidge pidge said...

i listen to npr. and find strange snack combinations. and pick up the cat any time i see her. and stare out the window at dog walkers and can men while i weave..

Jennifer said...

I've been listening to the BBC cast recording of the "His Dark Materials" series (starts w/ The Golden Compass). I'm obsessed...when it ends, i may cry...then look for more awesome audio books like this one. And staring out the window too. I do that a lot!

Carly said...

Ooh, these are all good things to do I wanna listen to The Golden Compass! When I'm weaving in the studio alone, I tend to plan imaginary weddings (mine, those of engaged friends, etc) or elaborate escape plans, but the rest of the time, when I'm hanging with Sylvia the 11 month old (which sometimes feels like being alone all day), I spend a fair amount of time singing songs like, "Sylvie-doo, that's the biggest poop I've ever seen-woowoowoo!!" So... I can relate. Real, adult conversation appeals.