Monday, October 25, 2010

Never Judge a Donut by Its Website

This weekend Phil and I did something we've never ever done. We made cider donuts. A whole lot of them.

A friend and I were laughing about the recipe Phil found - he must have googled "Cider Donut" and clicked on the first recipe he saw. The website was from a family pumpkin farm that looks like they designed it in the 90's. Rainbow colored Comic Sans font, big flashing pixelated scarecrows circa Nintendo NES. We were chuckling at this because either of US (the design-savvy friend & I) would have made it to this page and quickly gone back to search for a well designed baking website with immaculate photography & handwritten fonts ("One with a cute blog attached called SundayMorningCoffee+Hearts" my friend Ashley agreed). We both admitted that we're quick to judge books by covers, and recipes by website. And with SO MANY websites in the world... why NOT be that sort of picky?

Because the recipe was CLEARLY the one to follow. Donuts - Perfect Cider Donuts, at least- aren't something to mess with. There's not room for putting on airs of organic this or that, no healthy substitutions for the buttermilk we dumped in the batter or the vat of oil we fried them in. Perfect donuts are greasy, simple, obviously unhealthy, and freaking delicious. I really should know better than to question my husband's knowledge of fried things. He likely knew the EXACT web design he was looking for all along.

(Luckily, we brought ALL donuts to a housewarming party the same night we made them, so no arteries closed up or failed in our house over the weekend).

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Phil Davis said...

Actually, it was the third website I found. The first two had recipes that seemed too complicated. Doughnuts should be simple dammit. I figure if they're spending little to no time on thinking about how the website is designed it means they're probably spending more time fryin' and eatin' doughnuts!